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On The Edge

Diana Farca

On The Edge is my first fiction novel, with a foreword signed by literary critique Alex. Ștefănescu. The text represents a fascinating journey into the lives of those who face abandonment and replace suffering with acceptance. Due to my passion for painting, I made the cover of the book, in collaboration with Andrea Szemkovics.

In Romania details about the novel and the book launches were broadcasted by TVR, Realitatea, Adevărul, Literatura de azi, Goodreads, Unirea, Ziarul de Iași, Tion, Caon, Aradon, Opinia Timișoarei, Pressalert, Tele Europa Nova, Viața Vâlcii, Vâlcea 1, Radio Timișoara, Alt Radio, Radio România Oltenia-Craiova, Famost etc.

The only German publication in Romania, Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung, dedicated a page for me, in the issue of July 8th, 2015. You can find the material here. So did Libertatea, the Romanian’s newspaper in Serbia. You can read the preface of the book here or in the Contemporanul cultural magazine, No. VII, of July, 2015. In the Republic of Moldova details about the book were broadcasted by Pro TV, Sputnik Moldova, Fashion VIP, Zugo, The Woman Moldova a.o.

The book can be ordered in Romania through the "Stylished Books" website, with delivery in 48 hours.
I hope the novel will help you redefine your limits!


I am 27 years old, from Timisoara and I graduated the courses of the Bănățean National College, the department of Social Sciences; I have a law degree and a master degree in Business Law, obtained at the Faculty of Law within the West University.

At 16 I had my first job, passing out flyers for several promotional campaigns. In the same year I temporary moved to Germany where I worked as a booker, scouter and model. Along with the special results obtained at the school olympics, local, county and national contests, I was the image of Beautyful Company – Munich, Hit Mania – Italy and Great Britain, Tomis Mall – Constanța etc.

At 18, thanks to a course in journalism and the Romanian Olympics results, I was hired as a reporter for an online newspaper. By the end of the year I became editor-in-chief. At 21 I was hired by a company that produces renewable energy to obtain the legal papers for the first wind farms, small hydropower plants and photovoltaic parks in western Romania.

In 2009, alongside work and college, I founded my first company, an advertising agency opened until 2014, with activity in the E.U. Since 2013 I have an office and a national website for insurance and loans brokerage.

I paint and love music and films. I collect vinyl, stamps and old books. I like to travel and practice heights sports. In 2014, I visited my dad, in Sweden, for two months and wrote On The Edge.


Between 2003 – 2007, I volunteered in several projects organized by Save The Children, created to help institutionalized children, with a bad financial status or with disabilities.

Between 2012-2013 I volunteered for Saron store, NGO established by the Saron Church of Göteborg, Sweden, supporting children in conflict zones and the Lalgadh Centre for leprosy patients, the biggest in Nepal. Now I am organizing similar aid campaigns for children alongside friends. If you want to give us a hand you can find us here.

A donation campaign that I hold very dear is Construim un loc al viselor!, initiated by the O carte pe lună book club, through which books were donated for the little ones at the primary school of Alioș locality, Timiș County. The initiative was extended nationwide. For details or for book donations enter here.

Another commendable initiative I partake, as a volunteer, is Timotion – Timișoara is moving, the first semi-marathon in Romania that includes babies and people with disabilities. You can find details about the event here.

I support redirecting 2% of the income tax to a NGO in Romania. To support cultural or sport related initiatives you can redirect the amount to the 360° Foundation, that helped me print my book. The procedure is simple: download the 230 form from here, print it, fill it in and send it to the corresponding financial administration office.

I welcome any charitable initiative sent through the contact form. Remember there are no big or small good deeds, only good deeds!


During 2003 and 2007, I took part in several debate courses and competitions, organized under the auspices of the Romanian Association for Oratory and Rhetoric. I applied what I have learned as a debater, in academic debates, in the Karl Popper format or as a speaker, during scientific events.

In 2005, I acquired my reporter degree, due to a journalism workshop organized by the Faculty of Journalism, Communication and Modern Languages within the Tibiscus University of Timișoara. I wrote for a local newspaper and for the American website Myfashionwants.com. As of 2016 I write a weekly column, called Brainstorming, in the Romanian cultural magazine Literatura de azi.

The first launch of the novel took place in Timișoara, on June 26th, at Café De Paris. I was supported by writers Viorel Marineasa and Tudor Crețu and pianist Teo Milea.

The second book launch party was hosted in Green Hours Pub, in Bucharest. Romanian literary critique Alex. Stefănescu, writer of the foreword and actress Geo Dinescu spoke at the event.

The third event took place in Alba Iulia, on December 11th, at Framm’s. I was supported by Professor Mioara Pop, manager of the Lucian Blaga Alba County Library and pianist Andreea Popa.

The 4th launch took place in February 26th 2016, at Râmnicu Vâlcea and was organized by the Viața Vâlcii daily paper, at the Antim Ivireanul Vâlcea County Library. The moderator of the event was writer Petre Tănăsoaica and famous Romanian literary critique Daniel Cristea-Enache was our special guest.

In 2016 the book was launched in Chișinău, under the auspices of Elibrăria and The Modern Women Book Club, in partnership with Sputnik Moldova through Cristina Bumbu-Dănuța. My co-hosts were journalist Tatiana Slivca and blogger Cristina Evtodii-Marcu.

I am fluent in English and German and I have average knowledge of Spanish and Italian. If you are an event organizer and wish to contact me, please access the contact form.


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